About Manchester Gay Skins

Manchester Gay Skins is a non-political, non racist, not for profit group founded in 2005. After a lot of discussion Dave (aka Diggler) & Malc (aka Squaddie) and a few others, put a programme for the first weekend together. Sadly Malc, who was the driving force behind the weekend and other events like Barracks, passed away two months before the first weekend so Diggler roped in Terry (aka Gnasher) and the event continued in memory of Squaddie.

Since the first event we’ve welcomed Skins from across the UK, Europe, the USA and beyond. As the first event went well we continued and gradually developed the event. In 2007 started working with LGF and in 2008 switched from September to June in an attempt to avoid the Football and Conference Season when hotel rooms are hard to come by.

We managed to get Bleachers & Co and RoB Manchester to sponsor the event to help fund some of the promotion material including flyers, posters, weekend guide and provide prizes.

Despite what you might hear about Manchester weather it can be very hot in June & July – not just because loads of Skins descend on the city, in 2010 temperatures hit 32C on the Saturday which proved tough in Boots & MA1’s!

We also decided to have a photoshoot using local volunteers in 2008, which would give us our own pics to use on this site and more recently Facebook. However the first one was in February and the weather proved a bit of a challenge for the volunteers since it was only a degree or two above freezing!

The scene in Manchester has changed a lot since we first started and the weekend has evolved and grown to take this into account. In 2010 we visited the Eagle for the first time then again in the  2011 only this time we had the run of the Black Eagle for part of  both nights. At the end of 2012 Legends closed it’s doors for the last time as the site had been sold to developers. Alert has now moved to a new home at HML (formerly Bangkok Bar).

As we like to try and keep things fresh a competition, Strictly Stomping, was organised by Steve of Promo729. More new things for 2011 included banners and the volunteers all had branded polo shirts which proved a big hit and we created a version for our mates as patches.

The logo and graphics originally used were designed by Dazz who also created mousemats and calanders too. We also had goody bags which included condoms in MGS packs created by the Armistead Centre.

Aside from getting Gay Skinheads together we’ve always been a not for profit group and since we started we’ve raised nearly £5000 for local charities LGF, George House Trust, BP North West (which closed in 2012) The Christie Hospital and donated gear to Cancer Research UK. To raise this we’ve polished Boots, had raffles, rattled buckets and sold fetish gear, T-Shirts, Patches and Badges.

Since 2015 Tekskin took over the reigns, and has rebranded and re-invented the weekend, bringing new events and new ideas. This year (2016) is looking to be better attended than ever, with interest from the USA, Europe, and even Australia! We have a new logo (licensed from Oi! Industries), and some new merchandise. We are also introducing membership cards which all members can have, which will also give them special offers and discounts in the future. Those who signed up in 2015 will be the first to receive the new cards.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved since we started the Manchester Gay Skins events including Taurus, Alert, Basement Sauna, H2O Sauna, MUD (now closed), RoB Manchester, The Eagle, The Rem Bar & Hotel, Company Bar, Mister Pig, The Hog Works, Hard-On and all our hard working and horny volunteers (Dazz, Gavin, Steve, Dec, Dan, Mark, Simon, Jim, Darren, Stuart, Graeme, Kevin, Darryl to mention a few).